Yoga Flow (Morning session)

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Recharge and find the right energy with Instructor ZULEIKA at our beautiful LylaLab lavender field in full bloom. This place, with its intoxicating colors and scents of lavender, will allow you to let go of your thoughts and breathe serenity in total harmony with nature every day, early in the morning, from 7:30 AM.

"Bloom" means turning towards the light, giving yourself new shape, color, and scent, and opening up to the world to share your purest essence. Yoga is an activity that provides numerous psycho-physical benefits, purifying from stress and oxygenating the tissues through breathing, stretching, and deep stretches. Breathing in lavender amplifies everything even more.

Everyone can practice loosening, stretching, and twisting, along with ASANA (Hatha Yoga poses), PRANAYAMA (breathing techniques), and SHAVASANA (a final relaxation always in a lying position), adding the sensory meditative walk among our variety of therapeutic lavender (not all lavender species are the same), will be sublime, a unique experience, an unusual access to a parallel dimension facilitated by the unspoiled, low-traffic area of SAN GIORGIO A LIRI (FR).

Nature always knows how to teach us the balance between yin and yang, while the hospitable owners of the LylaLab field, to thank all participants, will offer discounts (advice and useful information) on their entire line of natural products, highly appreciated even abroad (just read some reviews on the site under each product).

The cost of the class, which lasts just over 1 hour, is €10.00. For children aged 7 to 11, the cost is reduced to €3.00.

Bookings and entrance tickets are made exclusively online.

Please read the following carefully:

1- You need to bring all the necessary materials for your comfort, hygiene, and success of the session (from yoga mats to some extra towels in case of morning ground moisture; remember that nature is unpredictable: if the ground is very wet, you will get your shoes dirty, but you can clean them at the exit near our taps);

2- Sprays, tanning products, repellents (lavender is already super-repellent on its own), and any chemical products that can transfer to the absolutely pure flowers are prohibited;

3- Eating, drinking, and producing any waste in the field during the session are prohibited;

4- Cell phones will be turned off or silenced at the start of the session for a deep sensory immersion for everyone;

5- Please arrive at least 10 minutes before the session starts; latecomers could disturb "magical" moments and park in prohibited areas;

6- Customers can only move within the fenced area of the lavender field; it is forbidden to go beyond and walk among other crops;

7- Parking spaces are limited, perhaps max 30 cars, so we recommend maximum capacity for each vehicle;

8- Bees love lavender and will be working from the early hours of the morning, but if left alone, they do not cause any trouble. We recommend light-colored clothing and obviously, discourage participation for those who are fearful and/or allergic. Lylalab warns but does not take responsibility for any stings, anxiety, panic, etc. Just move slowly (yoga is perfect for this too) and the bees will only focus on their work;

9- In case of any allergies, illnesses/malaise, accidents, and similar, LylaLab does not require medical certificates, leaving the free will of oneself and thus cannot be held responsible as it offers a safe, simple, and serene environment, already indicating with this writing the necessary instructions and directions to anyone who wishes to enter the private property – but any unforeseen events due to nature or customer negligence will not fall on LylaLab.

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