HYDROSOL: Key facts and usages

HYDROSOL: Key facts and usages

Hydrosols are aromatic waters produced by steam distillation.

The lavender Hydrosol enhanced therapeutic benefits when using fresh and Chemical-free plant material (when steam distilled, the water becomes infused with the plant’s water-soluble components). 

Hydrosols are far less concentrated than essential oils, therefore, it’s safer to use it directly on human and pet's skin.

Here’s how the hydrosol distillation process works…

  1. Only the organic lavender flowers (with a 15cm of stem) is loaded into a still along with pure water. (At Lyla-Lab, we use pristine valley well freshwater, and we remove every single, tiny weed by hand…it takes hours just to prepare the plant material). 
  2. Pressurized steam passes through the plant, breaking open its essential oil “sacs.” 
  3. As the steam passes through a cooling coil, it condenses back into a liquid—a combination of water and essential oil. 
  4. The essential oil naturally separates, floating to the top. 
  5. And the water is now hydrosol!

It has beneficial properties for the body, the brain and the soul.

Hydrosols offer aromatherapists another way to work with therapeutic plants, which has gentler effects than essential oils, but with similar properties. Hydrosols, also referred to as floral waters, also contain carboxylic acids which have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that can help to soothe and heal the skin. 

Most of them can be applied to your skin undiluted, without concerns that they’ll cause irritation. 

They can even be used for babies and animals.

Hydrosols can help rebalance the body, especially when used regularly and the same type/variety of plant. While they’re gentler than essential oils, their effects can be profound.

Health benefits and practical uses of most of hydrosols

A lavender Hydrosol provides relief in case of:

- BURNS AND SUNBURNS: the hydrosol calms and soothes pain and redness from burns due to exposure to the sun or fire.

- INSECT BITES: Lavender hydrolat calms and soothes pain, redness and swelling on insect bites.

- stinging plants and jellyfish: calms and soothes the skin in contact with stinging plants and jellyfish

- (POST) HAIR REMOVAL, it will heal your stressed skin with an immediate cooling effect.

the TOP is STEAMING on the face: using our Lyla-Lab Lavender hydrosol as a FACIAL TONIC it will remove impurities and makes it luminous, smooth and disinfected in depth - it is excellent for SENSITIVE skin, it has emollient properties.

- in case of OILY HAIR, lavender hydrosol can be sprayed after shampooing, and let it dry; It can be diluted with any shampoo, and it will make the hair shiny and shiny.

- Lavender Hydrosol can be used as a NATURAL aftershave for men, it acts as a decongestant and disinfect the skin.

- It can be a BODYSPLASH for humans and pets, the hydrosol will cool and refresh any part of the Body in a safe way, especially in hot summer days, and it's easy to carry.

- Our Lavender Hydrosol AS A BASE for masks, it enriches the mask with active ingredients, making them absorb better.

Along with using them as skin care products or for natural cleaning, here’s a short list of more ways you can use hydrosols every day:

  • Air freshener
  • Beverage flavoring (kids love it)
  • a delicate and inviting Perfume for food and cocktails (many chefs add a spray to any plate, any dessert, any drink)
  • Care for damaged, sore skin (diaper rash too)
  • Cool hot, tender skin
  • Calming facial toners
  • Make-up remover
  • Immune support
  • Insect repellent
  • Linen spray
  • Lymph support
  • Open your breath
  • Perfume sprays
  • Relieve stress and anxious feelings

At Lyla-Lab we don’t usually recommend using any essential oils directly to babies. Essential oils are simply too highly concentrated, and babies’ systems are very sensitive and responsive. It’s too easy for them to get overwhelmed. Hydrosols are a safer choice for babies’ delicate skin.

Use a few sprays of our Lyla-Lab Lavender Hydrosol to comfort a baby’s skin during diaper rash or put a bit of on a cotton ball to dab tenderly at baby acne. 

For bigger kids, hydrosols come in handy for minor bumps, bruises, and scrapes they get while running around and, above all, the acne skin problems.

Lavender Hydrosol has an astringent, antiseptic and purifying effect.

Hydrosols can add so much natural beauty to your daily life!

For example, you can incorporate them in your skin care. Use them to make water-based cleansers, and to tone your skin to help reduce breakouts. If your face often feels warm and red, a few sprays with lavender Hydrosol as facial toners can help quiet your complexion and cool you down. 

Hydrosols are also excellent aromatherapy products for NATURAL CLEANING. Use them to freshen your home by themselves, or blend with them to customize your own cleaning products (you can spray it directly on towels, curtains, bedsheets, pillowcases, table clothes, couch and car seats, etc.)

One of our hydro distillation sessions can go on for an entire afternoon as we patiently allow the plant to release all of its water-soluble therapeutic components into a floral water.

They’re perfect candidates for the refrigerator! If they’re stored well, hydrosols can have a shelf life of 1 to 2 years.

BE CAREFUL HOW TO STORE IT: if it remains open for too long, never put your hands inside the hydrolat because it becomes contaminated and external agents modify it.


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