About Us


About us

Embark on a Journey with LYLA-LAB

In the vibrant and idyllic landscapes of Ciociaria, Italy, nestled near the historical Montecassino and blessed by the natural springs of the Liri river, LYLA-LAB blossoms — a testament to the resilience and vision of its founder, Valentina.

Valentina, originally from Italy, spent 17 transformative years in New York, navigating through a versatile career as a Freelance Translator, Interpreter, and Italian Lecturer. Her rendezvous with lavender, however, was unplanned, sprouting from the soils of personal strife and a quest for tranquility after experiencing a distressing personal tragedy that cascaded into sleeplessness and health tribulations.

From Despair to Blooms of Hope

A myriad of attempted remedies, from the serenity of yoga to the ancient needles of acupuncture and from herbal elixirs to modern medicine, provided no refuge until an insightful neurologist from NYU pointed towards the gentle embrace of organic, pure lavender.

Valentina dove into a sea of knowledge, exploring the rich histories and varied species of lavender plants, tracing their roots and uses back to the revered choices of Egyptians and ancient Romans. Witnessing firsthand the undeniable and powerful health benefits provided by the plant, she took to cultivating two specific Lavender species during the reflective period of the 2020 pandemic lockdown.

The Blossoming of LYLA-LAB

LYLA-LAB is not merely a producer of lavender products; it's a testament to a lifestyle metamorphosis, which Valentina experienced firsthand, in which 100% organic lavender played the pivotal role. Enriching sleep, rejuvenating skin, fostering health, and guiding towards a spiritual and meditative serenity, lavender became not just a remedy but a way of life.

Valentina, imbued with inspiration and armed with both ancient wisdom and modern scientific research, embarked upon a mission. LYLA-LAB thus came into being, a synthesis of historical reverence and scientific integrity -a literal LABoratory dedicated to lavender, encapsulated in the playful and symbolic name.

Situated amidst the picturesque Ciociaria region, our farm, with its 3,000 robust lavender plants of the genuine, "true" lavender varieties, has become a haven for both the creators and admirers of lavender products, from fragrant bouquets and essential oils to beauty enhancements and
culinary delights. Our dedication even extends into developing natural formulas for pets, ensuring our lavender benefits extend to our four-legged companions.

Enlivening Connections and Experiences

Engage and immerse with LYLA-LAB, where the team, although compact, radiates extraordinary dedication and expertise, ensuring an exquisite array of lavender products. Our business flourishes in both Italy and New York, providing a global outreach through worldwide shipping and inviting you, during summer, to a myriad of hosted events that allow you to experience the lavender fields and various related activities.

We invite you, with open arms, to explore the LYLA-LAB online store and discover our premium lavender offerings. Whether you are captivated by lavender or seeking a distinctive gift, we facilitate worldwide shipping and extend a variety of engaging events during the summer.

Your experiences and inquiries matter to us deeply. Connect with us through social media, Google, or email, and we warmly encourage you to share your experiences with LYLA-LAB through your valued reviews.

Thank you for embracing LYLA LAB, where lavender doesn’t just grow; it transforms lives.

With genuine warmth,

Valentina & The Resilient LYLA-LAB Team.