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Lavender Hydrosol - Floral Water

Lavender Hydrosol - Floral Water

Discover the versatile goodness of Hydrolats, your new go-to solution for gentle yet effective skincare. Primarily known for its profound benefits on the skin, particularly facial care and addressing skin sensitivities, Hydrolats are a must-have addition to your skincare regimen.

Skin Nourishment: Utilize Lavender Hydrolat as a cleanser or toner to balance dry skin. For those with less sensitive skin, enhance hydration and firmness by adding a drop of Rose essential oil, known for reducing sunspots and wrinkles. Create your personal facial, eye, and hair masks, or blend it with your creams and lotions for a therapeutic effect. Its balancing properties work wonders on oily skin, spots, eczema, and acne, making it a comprehensive skincare solution.

Refreshing Spritz: Transform Lavender Hydrolat into a rejuvenating spritz! This technique is a refreshing escape, whether you aim to aid sleep, hydrate, cool the skin, or freshen the air. The choice is truly yours.

Natural Deodorant: Craft your own deodorant by mixing 100ml Lavender Hydrolat with up to 30 drops of essential oils in a spritz bottle. The blend of Geranium and Lavender is often favored for their antibacterial and balancing traits.

Soap Making Companion: For the natural soap-making enthusiasts, swap the water in your process with Hydrolats to retain the natural essence while adding therapeutic benefits.

First Aid Essential: Hydrolats are excellent for first aid, offering gentle care when needed most. Use them for cleansing cuts, grazes, and as a base for compresses to aid circulation or reduce inflammation.

Child & Baby Friendly: Hydrolats, especially when diluted, are gentle enough for children and babies. Use Lavender Hydrolats for skin cleansing, bath time serenity, or as a room spritz for a calm bedtime ambiance. Create skin-kind wet wipes using Lavender Hydrolat for a multitude of uses, proving its place as a household essential.

Elderly Care: The elderly can find relief from common ailments such as achy joints, constipation, or chest congestion by integrating Lavender Hydrolat in baths, moisturizers, or steam inhalations.

Immunity and Chronic Illness Support: For those with fragile immunity or chronic illnesses, Hydrolats serve as a milder alternative to essential oils. Lavender Hydrolat, known for its immunity-boosting and anti-viral properties, is especially beneficial.

Plant & Animal Care: Extend the Hydrolat benefits to your plants by using it as a leaf hydrating mist. Also, a safer choice for pet care, use diluted Hydrolat to freshen up your space or pet pillows, ensuring a pleasant environment for everyone at home.

Every drop of Hydrolat unveils a step towards holistic wellness, reflecting a blend of purity and therapeutic care. Embrace the gentle, natural care of Hydrolats for your skin, your loved ones, and your home. Your journey towards harmonized skincare and overall wellness is just a Hydrolat away!



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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Superb fragrance for multiple uses

I find Lylalab lavender Hydrosol suitable for multiple purposes: on the skin as deodorant, to iron clothes, such as shirts and it gives a refreshing, lasting and delicate fragrance. On the pillow it helps me to fall asleep better and faster as it provides a soothing and calming feeling. I am very pleased for having purchased it.

C. Serafini
Delightful fragrance

To me, this Lavender Hydrosol smells of fragrant flowers and warm, calming hay. It is calming and very very pleasant. I love to spray it in any room, but especially on bedroom pillows!

Vivijan Maric
Love it

It removed the pimples and little by little the eczema from my daughter’s face, she loves it as is super easy to use!

Barbara Vitiello
Il preferito di mia nipote

E si mia nipote di sette anni, è innamorata dell' idrolato, lo applica tutte le sere sul viso perché sta iniziando ad avere i primi brufoletti, dopo diverso giorni non sono rossi e sono visibilmente più piccoli! Come struccante e tonico lascia la pelle purificata , come deodorante è ottimo per chi ha anche una sudorazione acida!
Che dire la lavanda è magica